Through a child’s eye-
Sometime ago I was unwell, and my 1 year young daughter taught me so much!

I was not at my best behaviour.. to tell you a few things, I was so low, down, not in the mood to do anything.. was getting irritated, hardly went out, could snap easily at people.. basically my routine was distorted!

And just after that she fell sick.. temperature, cold, cough.. she was definitely cranky, sticking to me and wanting me to be around.

But apart from that she was still happy, playing with all her toys, we’ve got a new dog-so she would go and watch her, play in the garden, eat what she felt like(I believe she knows what her body needs when she’s unwell) do everything she always does!

And the best part was she would still smile at me and her dad, grandparents when they came back home !

I realised I have so much to learn from her too!

Instead of cribbing that she’s so cranky and sticking to me I decided to learn her positive and fun behaviour..

The next time I fell sick or my daughter fell sick- I looked at it how she would-and trust me friends- my day was so much easier and parenting her also was much easier and I was more comforting towards her!

I was happier, she was happier, my husband was happier !

Kids have lots to teach us and when we can start understanding the world from their perspective.. the world seems a much happier place to live in!

Please tag your friends if you agree to this and please share what you have learnt from your child!

Share what you have observed from your child’s eye!

We have been looking at the world from our perspective till now and we all complain “the worlds changed”, “people can’t be trusted”, “everyone’s selfish”, “it’s not safe” etc etc

Let’s try this- “the world through a child’s eye!