"Children only need inspiration, its the teachers who need correction"-Sadhguru

Bespoke Action Plan

Children Grow up Fast– Spend more time cherishing the wonderful memories you share! Instead of worrying about arguments, tantrums and back talk, learn everything you need to know to have joyful parenting experience !

Bring out your child's genius in 10 mins

” He’s a born genius!”- This is a statement we hear, but did you know EVERY CHILD IS A GENIUS- you can play a role in cultivating your child’s inner-genius!
With just 10 minutes a day, you can set your child up for a lifetime of success. 
Gift your child not only a chance to enrich their mind but develop a life long love for learning.

Working Mom's plan

Here’s a chance for you to fully utilise the limited time you get with kids. Spend quality
time, build an emotional connect. It helps you cope with the guilt of not spending enough time with kids & helps you create a healthy work life balance, thereby creating healthy relations.  

14 Day Say Yes Challenge T

You give instructions- kids don’t listen. You shout- kids don’t listen
You end up losing your cool- kids end up losing their cool! You feel GUILTY
Here is a chance to snap out of this cycle

What makes us a parent

The up-bringing of a child is the most delicate and crucial responsibility of a parent. But we, we are stuck in our routine, robotic life. A child is just a reflection of the effort and dedication of the parents.

All kids eventually learn how to eat, dress or bathe by the time they grow. But it is common to find children lacking in core beliefs, values and confidence! A plant can be trained but not a tree.

If the tree has got a bend, it has got a bend-full stop!
Then we can only trim the branches but not the trunk. Once we have gone beyond the younger ages, it is not so easy to change our pattern of thoughts, our angle of vision, and our attitude to things and beings.

So early childhood is the time for training and parents are mainly responsible.


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Secrets Of Successful Parenting | Part 1 – Joyful Parenting Expert Neeta Arora

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Happiness is when you realise your children have turned out to be good people.

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How to get kids to listen to you-Part 4

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Happy,  confident and independent kids!


-Nivedita Garg-

Happy Family Behavior: They Build and Honor Rituals “Families need rituals,” Rituals can be religious, national, or even family-specific. Barbara Fiese, PhD, professor and chair of psychology at Syracuse University in New York……

-Nivedita Garg-

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Ridhika & Sunil Ramani

Thank you for your guidance and help in bridging the gap between my child’s physiology and ours as parents. You not only brought us closer to him but also showed us the path of how to strengthen our bond with him with each passing day.Today I see my child as more positive and happy child…..

Nitika Gupta

The best thing that happened to me in my pregnancy after my baby was you Nivedita..i cant forget all those things you told me for the first time… like to talk to your baby , to have all those qualities in your baby.. all those things changed me as a person and a mother…..I can’t thank you enough for creating

Gaurika Jain

I see my child as more positive and happy child. We have been able to overcome a lot of his inhibitions and fears. Your simple and playful techniques were so effecti pressure and could see success coming rather sooner than later.In the end we arhappy parents with a happy child and a friend for life as “Nivedita”




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Bring out your child’s genius in 10mins

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